Get better prices, with real time help from other shoppers.


It's like Waze for shopping.

As soon as one Wikibuyer finds a better price or a working coupon code, the other 3,000,000+ Wikibuyers with the browser extension installed know about it, automatically.

Shop normally - with the power of the crowd behind you.

Our mission is to help people make better buying decisions by making it easy for everyone to share what they know.

Wikibuy is built with love in Austin, Texas.

Coupon codes, automatically.

Just click and Wikibuy will apply working codes at checkout. Codes are updated in real-time based on which codes saved other Wikibuyers the most.

Credits with a click.

Click and earn credit for your purchases on popular sites like Walmart and eBay. Use your Wikibuy credit to buy gift cards or make future purchases with Wikibuy.

Universal Product Search.

Scan any barcode or search for any product and Wikibuy tells you the prices available at top retailers.

Know when prices drop.

Wikibuy keeps track of products you've viewed or purchased and lets you know when prices drop so you never miss a great deal.