Is Amazon Actually Giving You the Best Price?

If you shop on Amazon under the impression that it has the best prices, then you are probably wasting a lot of money.


Early adopter. Deal hacker. Penny pincher. You probably have friends like us. We’re the first to download new shopping tools and find obscure coupons, and we’re proud of it. After years of hacking online shopping, we decided to build a tool to do it all — Wikibuy.

When you shop on Amazon, Wikibuy instantly checks hundreds of other sellers and working coupons for a better price. Listen, we love Amazon Prime. Free 2-day shipping is great and, like everyone else, we enjoyed not knowing how much it actually cost. Well, guess what? It isn’t free to move atoms from one location to another and that cost gets baked into the price you pay.

Here’s how it all works:


Visit a product page on Amazon and Wikibuy automatically goes to work in the background. If a better offer is found, a notification will pop up in the lower left hand corner of your window in less than ten seconds.


Wikibuy shows you the final price of the item, including sales tax and shipping, and also notifies you of the delivery date.


If you want to buy the item with the better price, you can checkout on Wikibuy too. The best part? You are guaranteed $15 off even if there are complications with the order.

Sometimes you need your order in 2 days and, in those instances, Amazon Prime is the answer. Though, the reality is that if you waited just a few more days for even half of your orders, the monthly savings with Wikibuy would pay for your yearlong Prime subscription.

One more thing: it’s completely free. Get Wikibuy for Chrome HERE.

Wikibuy is only available for iPhone and Chrome on desktop. Wikibuy is coming to soon! Sign up to get notified.