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Wikibuy is joining Capital One!

We could not be more excited to announce that Wikibuy is becoming part of Capital One.

Capital One shares Wikibuy’s vision of helping customers save and make better financial decisions. The combination of Wikibuy and Capital One is phenomenal news for our customers. Together, Wikibuy will be able to leverage the power of Capital One’s platform to expand our offering and provide new innovative products that will help our users save even more time, and more money.

Wikibuy: Finding you ways to save, automatically.

At Wikibuy, we aim to make saving money effortless, automatically finding lower prices, coupons, and rewards while you shop online. Over the last 3 years, our team has grown Wikibuy from just an idea to an active community of two million members who this year will have helped each other save more than $50 million.

The “wiki” in Wikibuy comes from the idea that one customer’s shopping helps other customers find savings. When it comes to finding lower prices, it works like Waze. When one customer finds a great price on a product, other customers who have looked at that product are notified of the savings available. And, future customers who have looked at the product will see the lower price too. The community benefit is true with coupons too! If one customer finds savings with a great coupon, customers who shop later will also automatically be offered that coupon.

Through technology and the power of community, Wikibuy makes shopping tasks that can take 10–15 minutes happen automatically in a fraction of the time.

Nothing makes us happier than saving money for our users. As a part of Capital One, Wikibuy can be singularly focused on expanding our offering to deliver even more savings for our tens of millions of customers.

The opportunity with Capital One is better than we ever imagined.

Capital One’s vision for the future closely matches Wikibuy’s own. Capital One is dedicated to helping customers improve their financial lives. Capital One is a founder-led company that has been at the forefront of technology innovation in the financial services space since it was founded almost 25 years ago, and they are uniquely invested in technology and building solutions for customers. Capital One’s analytical culture resonates deeply with Wikibuy’s focus on measuring and delivering savings for our users.

We’ve been impressed by Capital One’s strong vision for the future and considerable experience leading innovation through technology. As it has moved further into digital experiences, Capital One has expanded the ways it helps customers make better financial decisions. Now, with Wikibuy, Capital One is taking the next step in its commitment to helping people save time and save money when shopping online.


The Wikibuy team is incredibly grateful to everyone that has been part of this story and those who will be part of our future.

The next step in our journey benefits us all. The investors who believed in Wikibuy when it was just an idea. The team that sacrificed nights and weekends for years to bring that idea to life. The customers who trusted a new product in a category that didn’t exist, and the advertisers that took a bet on a new and not-yet-proven technology. And, Capital One with its commitment to help Wikibuy fulfill its vision.

Stay Tuned

As we head into the holiday season, Wikibuy will continue to offer the same great experience and savings to customers. And, over the coming months we expect to be adding a number of exciting new ways to save.

Wikibuy is a unique place. Our team has been together since the beginning, and everyone at Wikibuy will be joining Capital One. Wikibuy will also remain headquartered in Austin, Texas.

We hope you share our excitement for the future!

Happy shopping,

Walt Roloson & Adam Gauvin

Co-CEOs, Wikibuy