Photoelectric Sensors

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Westek SLC4CG Gray Automatic Photocell Sensor Control


Intermatic K4221C 120-Volt Stem and Swivel Mount Photocontrol


Greenfield DPPS Weatherproof Dusk-to-Dawn Photosensor


Gowoops 10 PCS of Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module Photo Resistor for Arduino UNO


Intermatic K4121C 120-Volt Stem Mount Photocontrol


Intermatic K4321C 120-Volt Fixed Position Photocontrol with Wall Plate


120 Volt Dusk to Dawn Photocell Photoeye Sensor


NSi Industries TORK RKP311 Outdoor 120-Volt Button Photocontrol With Wall Plate - Controls Lighting Dusk to Dawn - Compatible with Incandescent/Compact Fluorescent/Halogen/LED


Intermatic K4141C 120-Volt 25-Amp Stem Mount Photocontrol


TORK RKP203 Swivel Mount Photocontrol


Intermatic K4236C 120-277-Volt Photocontrols with Stem and Swivel Mounting


Intermatic K4251 120-Volt Photocontrols with Stem and Swivel Mounting


Westek SW103CT Outdoor Swivel Photo Control (2 Pack)


Intermatic LC4521C 120-Volt Locking Type Photocontrol


10 Pcs 1/6" Slot PCB Photo Interrupter Slotted Optical Switch HY301-21


Adafruit VEML6070 UV Index Sensor Breakout


Westek SW103CT Outdoor Swivel Photo Control


Intermatic K4023C 208-277-Volt Fixed Position Photocontrol


AC/DC 12V 10A Auto On Off Photocell Street Light Photoswitch Sensor Switch New


Intermatic K4521 120-Volt Photocontrols with Locking Type Mounting


C.J. SHOP® 5PCS Infrared reflective Photoelectr Switch IR Barrier Line Track sensor TCRT5000 M26


Photoelectric Sensor, Rectangl, Reflective


Icstation 5V Laser Recevier Sensor Module Relay Switch for Arduino (Pack of 5)


20Pcs AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR Ambient Light Sensors IR-BLOCKING Silicon Phototransistor


Telemecanique RF7590 Photoelectric Sensor Reflective Tape, 1 Unit = 1'


Geartooth Speed Sensor 4-Pin


SMAKN® 1.2M Cable Optoelectronic Sensor Photoswitch E3F-DS30C4 NPN NO DC 6-36V


VL6180X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Carrier with Voltage Regulator, 60cm max


Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Photoelectric Sensor for Home Standalone Security System


Banner Q45VR3R Sensor, Opposed Mode Emitter and Receiver, SPDT Output Type, 60m Range, 5 Wires, Universal 12-250VDC or 24-250VAC Supply Voltage, 2m Cable Length