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Activeon CX Action Camera (Onyx Black)

Activeon CX Action Camera (Onyx Black)

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Top negative review (24 votes)

a year ago

The digital hardware components that make up the Activeon CX Action camera all combine to create one of the best wide angle 1080P videos I have ever seen. The lens pulls in a full scene that is al...
Top positive review (8 votes)

a year ago

Decent little camera! Pics a little grainy for really serious non-You Tube level projects, but has a huge field of view which is selectable. The wi-fi doesn't work well with my Asus tablet, but the...

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Read 69 reviews and find the lowest price for the Activeon CX. Overall, this Camcorder is rated 89/100 Very good.

Activeon CX Action Camera (Onyx Black). Available Check out the reviews and videos to get an idea. For the action cam and the camera we use this one.

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