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AKG K3003i Reference Class In-Ear Headphones

AKG K3003i Reference Class In-Ear Headphones

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Top negative review (2 votes)

7 months ago

These have been around for ever, which means you can now get them at around half their original price. They are a quality item. Straight out of the box, they were pretty harsh sounding, and very si...
Top positive review (2 votes)

3 years ago

Absolutely marvelous. Crystal high pitch, warm mid, though kinda lacks base. Would be surely be better after 500 hrs.

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AKG K3003 review - the most expensive universal in-ear headphones we've ever tested. Also these earphones also the best?

The stunning AKG K3003i headphones made our jaws drop in every The AKG K3003i is the priciest pair of in-ears 'phones we've reviewed. feeding Audiolab's M-DAC, as well as our reference sources, Naim's CDS3 ...

87% Positive Reviews I must admit, the AKG K3003 was not something that I ever wanted to There is one for "reference", one for "extra bass", and one for "extra treble". This is the most comfortable in-ear headphone I've worn. AKG K3003i Reference Class In-Ear Headphones at, $561.99, See It » ...

AKG K3003I Reference Class 3-Way Earphones with Mic and Control At the time this review was written, the Earsonics S-EM9 was listed for sale on Musicteck's online store. I'm after headphones and IEMs that give me the “WOW” factor.

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