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ASTRO Gaming A40 TR PC Gaming Headset - Black

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR PC Gaming Headset - Black

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Top positive review (29 votes)

2 years ago

I use these both for PS4 and PC and they work perfectly. I did have issues with my mic and contacted Astro and they sent me a replacement for free.Pros1) This headset has the best mic and audio qua...
Top negative review ( votes)

7 months ago

As you can tell with the title there is a problem with the Astro A40's. The ps4 slim does not have a spot to plug in the optical cable which lowers the quality of the audio. It can work without the...

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Astro Gaming's pricey A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR wired gaming Back; Android Games · iPhone Games · Nintendo 3DS Games · PC Games · PS4 Games · Xbox One Games Both will work equally well with your PC, and both headsets can I tested the Xbox One version of the headset, and it registered ...

The Astro A40 TR for Xbox One with the default, included headband pad and you're frequently gaming in loud spaces (i.e. a raucous dorm room). for me it works just fine on PC but on both PS4 and XB1 I get that echo.

Astro Gaming's new A50 wireless gaming headset follows its predecessors as one of Astro Gaming A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR The large, rounded rectangular earcups are mounted on larger black plastic shells that let version pictured here, green for the PC/Xbox One version) like the ones on the A40.

The Astro A40 gaming headset has always been considered the best ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Gaming Headset - Black - Xbox One, PS4, PC.

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