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BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air - Silver, Mesh

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air - Silver, Mesh

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Top negative review (20 votes)

8 months ago

We have two Baby Bjorn carriers. We love the Baby Bjorn Original carrier. We used it four our little guy from newborn until he was 3mos. He got heavier so we purchased this Carrier One. Plus i kept...
Top positive review (103 votes)

a year ago

This is a great baby carrier that compares very well with the Ergobaby 360. I have both and will compare them in this review.General Design:Both the Ergo 360 and this BabyBjorn use roughly the sam...

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Quick Facts About The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle 0–15 months or 8–26 lbs. If you only plan to carry on the front, then I would go with this one. The baby has put on 10 pounds since I wrote the review, and still no pain for I had originally purchased the Synergy Mesh carrier based on cost, and I ...

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