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Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Wide-Angle Fixed Lens

Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Wide-Angle Fixed Lens

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Top positive review (90 votes)

11 years ago

I've used this lens both on 1.6x crop (Digital Rebel XT) and full frame (5D and EOS 3) cameras.On the 1.6x crop, the 20mm focal length looks like 32mm. I personally find that to be a wonderful foc...
Top negative review (36 votes)

9 years ago

This is one of the first two lenses I bought when I switched to a Canon SLR about five years ago. I've had plenty of opportunity to use it since then, both with film and (full frame) digital.The id...

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15k views | a year ago | leehaze1

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The Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Lens fits in a nice wide angle focal length People often look for a prime lens for their ultra wide angle needs.

Looking for a Canon 20mm lens review? Buy the Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM The Canon 20mm ƒ/2.8 is a small wide-angle lens, first introduced by Canon in 1992 As the 20mm is a fixed wide-angle lens, we aren't surprised to see some ...

The Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM lens delivers an ultra-wide field of USM ($539.99 direct) is a fairly compact wide-angle lens for Canon D-SLR cameras. a wide prime lens for your Canon camera, the EF 20mm f/2.8 USM is ...

The 32mm AOV (Angle of View) is only moderately wide and just wider than the Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM Lens, 9.8", (250mm), 0.14x The 20 Art is a fixed-size lens with plenty of ribbed surface provided for a sure grip.

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