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Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Lounge Chair, Toffee

Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Lounge Chair, Toffee

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Top negative review (180 votes)

2 years ago

Very fragile structure.. Frontal support frame gave away in 4th month with light / moderate use.
Top positive review (1,037 votes)

4 years ago

Anti-Gravity Chairs: Strathwood Basics vs. Caravan Canopy:I bought 2 different anti-gravity chairs. I originally bought the Caravan Canopy for me. I was going to try it out and then buy the oversiz...

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Every big-box and outdoor-camping store sells camp chairs of similar The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is both comfortable and rugged, and it order one with your favorite sports team's logo, or pay a premium for a similar Over the summer I grabbed a "zero gravity" camping chair from Costco.

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