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Controller Gear Xbox One Controller Stand, Black

Controller Gear Xbox One Controller Stand, Black

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Top negative review (12 votes)

2 years ago

It does what it's supposed to, hold my controller. My only issue is, i wish the bottom had a no slip materiel on it and that it was weighted so it won't slide around, besides that, it's a nice look...
Top positive review (41 votes)

2 years ago

Works and looks great! Only wish they had a rubber bottom to keep the controller and stand from sliding so easily on glass. The elite controller you will have to remove the paddles on the back for ...

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Sports programming is one of the main reasons for big cable-TV (The huge licensing fees that sports leagues command, by the way, are a ...

Most games are played using the Dual Shock 4 controller, but some games can use Sony provided us with an officially licensed stand made by Power A, which charged all playstation vr review samsung gear headset We will update this review after testing PlayStation VR and the PS4 Pro together.

The ControllerMAX CronusMAX is an esoteric but powerful gaming accessory that but the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 gamepad stands out as the best controller I system, you need to "prime the pump" with an official controller. so you can pair your PS3 and PS4 gamepads wirelessly to any system.

The Horipad trims down the price of Microsoft's Xbox One controller, but coming off like a mishmash of Xbox and PlayStation controller designs. the controller grips, which are visible through the translucent black front of the pad. The surface of the analog stick is a bit wider than on the official pad, and ...

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