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Copper Chef 9.5" Square Fry Pan with Lid

Copper Chef 9.5" Square Fry Pan with Lid

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Top negative review (256 votes)

a year ago

Product was great initially but after less than 2 months, food is sticking. Am trying to process an exchange with difficulty. Meanwhile, I advise against this purchase.
Top positive review (5 votes)

a year ago

Since I buy copper chef am sincerely pleased using it for all kinds of food and love because so far nothing sticks. I like so much that I do not like anyone else use my pan. I can only use it, no o...

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Copper Chef cookware is infused with 100% real copper for the ultimate in 9.5" deep square pan, fry basket, steam and roast rack, tempered glass lid, and ...

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Red Copper Square Dance Pan features a ceramic non-stick cooking At 9.5" across and 2" deep, it's easy to see that Red Copper Square Dance Pan The bad news is that you need induction-specific cookware (like Square Dance Pan) to use an I feel that if you have a glass top stove, DO NOT use Copper Chef.

17 out 18 people found this review helpful Everything sticks in the middle of the square fry pan, and the corners and edges I purchased the 9.5-inch rectangle pan for the $74.99 at a retailer that is about Write a review for Copper Chef!

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