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GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush, 9 inches

GUND Fluffy Totoro Plush, 9 inches

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Top positive review (5 votes)

2 years ago

Exactly as pictured.My totoro is the exact one in the listing. Gund tags, correct embroidered eyes, no creeper grin.Quality is good. Fur is soft but not the softest for a plushie, good size, little...
Top negative review (122 votes)

3 years ago

Yeah, what I got was NOT like in the photos, and it most certainly did not have a Gund label. In fact, it had no label and the craftsmanship was horrible with plastic eyes glued on and laser-cut fe...

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YT: 9:42

593 views | a year ago | Kawaii Sky

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