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j/fit Pro Push-Up Bars, Blue

j/fit Pro Push-Up Bars, Blue

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5 years ago

Great product!! I am 6'04" 200 lbs and these push up bars can handle my weight with ease. I have been using theme for about 1 month now and can't see myself going back to normal push ups. The reaso...
Top negative review (2 votes)

9 months ago

I have had these for just shy of two weeks. I am @ 275 pounds, and do between 200-250 push ups per day. I got these bars to help alleviate wrist pain. They worked good for @ four days. The set ...

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The short history of the gadget known as the hoverboard has seen many ups and at least one year, plus at least 100 Amazon reviews with mostly positive ratings. which are flat, the miniPro has a padded knee bar rising up from its center. Elliot Kaye, Chairman's Hoverboard Press Statement, US Consumer Product ...

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The Push Band counts your sets and reps, and measures power and velocity while you work out. OMsignal Up & Running Kit with OM Strength Sleeveless Shirt range inside a spanner bar that's shown in the app—all in real time. and reps might try the very simple app Jefit (free; Pro version $4.99).

When it comes to pushup training apps a hundred seems to be the magic number. They always seem to have the aim of upping the number of ...

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