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Klipsch - R-25C Center Speaker

Klipsch - R-25C Center Speaker

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Top positive review (4 votes)

7 months ago

I cannot stress enough, if you build a surround sound, you need to start with a good center channel speaker. This one is amazing. Good weight, good build quality and amazing sound. On my system I'm...
Top negative review ( votes)

8 months ago

I used to be a big fan of Klipsch. That was until I purchased this last set of Klipsch speakers, which included this center channel, the matching bookshelf speakers, and the 12" reference subwoofer...

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The RS-25, which is in Klipsch's Reference series, is listed at $200 each. </p> <p data-slug="klipsch-r"></span> center speaker, and <span ...

KEF's Q Series center channel brings that lineup's impressive clarity to movie dialogue reproduction. reviews, but also due to the fact that it served as the reference speaker system How does the Klipsch ref r25c compare to the Elac C5?

As compact speaker systems go, it just doesn't get much better than at about 3.75 lbs for each satellite and 6.25 lbs for the center channel, ...

A gorgeous, vibrant world and captivating story make for a new gold standard in Japanese RPGs.

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