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LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack - Xbox One

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack - Xbox One

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7 months ago

My son played this game for a total of a week and then moved back to playing Minecraft. This was surprising since he is such a Lego fanatic and plays all of the other Lego type games. It may be t...
Top positive review (68 votes)

2 years ago

My son loves Lego games and has been saving his money ever since he found out about this game. When we put the disk in, it immediately did an update before we could play. He has been playing it con...

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LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack (PlayStation 4) Interactive is built around one idea: making a video game about playing with Lego. You've got ...

LEGO Dimensions' kitchen-sink approach to packing its worlds full of With the starter pack, you'll get to play through the entire campaign Any LEGO Dimensions character or object you place on one of the portal's seven positions is transported into the game world. Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360.

As well as our review of the first Lego Dimensions, you can check Keep in mind that Supergirl is exclusive to the S2 starter pack, and as Traveller's Tales is also introducing a couple of new modes, one of which is known as Battle Arena. If I get the 360 version and then later I upgrade to Xbox One, do I ...

The starter pack includes the required Toy Pad platform, the three Warner Bros; PS3/PS4/Wii U/Xbox 360/Xbox One (version tested); £80; ...

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