LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Nintendo Wii, One Color

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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Nintendo Wii, One Color


Media:: Video Game Release date: July 23, 2013

Color: One Color


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Top negative review ( votes)

Michele Wolpers

3 years ago

Now I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan, and I love the lego games. I think they're hours of fun, and I wanted to experience that with my wii! Wave a wand, try a spell, make a little magic myself. However, that apparently was not the case. I went through two different copies of this game for the wii, and both would not work in either my wii or my wii U. I would get to the menu screen, it would load but take no button input. I couldn't even ENJOY the actual game. It wasn't until I actually got a copy for the PC/Mac that I was able to even enjoy the game. There were still bugs in the game, but they were much easier to work around, especially on a computer. However, I will never trust the wii version, and I'm still incredibly disappointed since I adore my wii. Not a scratch on either disk, every game works perfectly in both my wii and wii U, there's no reason why this game shouldn't have been working. Maybe my systems just have a different taste in games than I, but who knows?

Top positive review (291 votes)

Brenda L. Policoff

7 years ago


As with many people, I found this game to be wonderful, magical, fun, clever, and satisfying. And I am a grownup. Go figure. I have enjoyed the other Lego games and thanks to the dedication to the source material, this game really clicked with me.But since I have little to say that hasn't already been said by many other glowing reviews, I wanted to offer something that might be helpful to other gamers, a tip that I myself was unable to find on the forums and therefore wanted to share the fix. I am sure I am not the only person who ran into this particular glitch, so here it is.I am sandbox play person, someone who loves to systematically explore everything before moving on to another level, and when I began running through Hogwarts during the first level or two, I smashed and charmed everything I could find and somehow managed to enter a courtyard I may not have been expected to enter at that stage of the game. This didn't cause any problems until after I left Snape's potion lab and discovered that every time I followed the ghost's directions to get outside to what would eventually be the greenhouse area, the game would freeze up when I entered the aforementioned courtyard. EVERY time.I tried cleaning the disk, and even tried another disk of the game, and it froze every time and broke my heart. I searched forums and while many glitches were reported and even a few suggestions, I found no description of that particular glitch, and wondered if there was something wrong with my Wii, such as limited memory or something.This is what I stumbled upon: I erased the saved game and started fresh, which was a bit tedious considering you don't get to skip the animation sequences. This time around, instead of running amuck and exploring everything, I followed the ghosts' directions and went where the game wanted me to go. Needless to say, the levels played very quickly, but suddenly I found myself past the freezing glitch and into many more levels. After I had completed those levels, I copied the saved game file to my SD card for safekeeping, as I knew that save was a good one, and could go back into the game and free play and explore to my heart's content. And if I find another freeze glitch, I can copy the saved game file from the SD card back onto the Wii itself and continue from that point.Bottom line: the game design somehow made it so that you might inadvertently get ahead of the game's intentions by exploring too much, and if that happens, the game gets confused when it finds you had already done something it wasn't expecting you to have done yet, and it freezes. The best way to avoid this is to go where the game tells you to, THEN free play later and explore.Yes, this was very frustrating for me to figure out, and certainly could have been avoidable by the game designers. However, the overall pleasure I got from the game compensates for the issue, and I won't really hold it against anyone, at least not now that I solved what turned out to be the biggest unintentional puzzle of the game for me.Hope this helps any of you who may run into the same problem! Now go enjoy this delightful game!

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