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Linksys LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router, Black

Linksys LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router, Black

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Top negative review (4 votes)

a year ago

Linksys, now Belkin, support is polite, but not very knowledgeable on tier 1 or 2. We deployed 4 of these devices at different client locations. I have been required to replace all four due to ra...
Top positive review (5 votes)

a year ago

One of the very few router on the market to implement ipv6, kudos Linksys.I just set it up few hours ago, and worked like a charm, few setting to tweak and that was it.I didn't test properly on the...

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TV Deals · Web Hosting · VPN Services · WordPress Hosting 4 user reviews It's the first ever tri-band router with a total Wi-Fi bandwidth of up to the new router is very similar to the R7000, with four Gigabit LAN ports, one ...

The Linksys LRT214 Business Gigabit VPN Router offers many properties of more expensive routers at a significantly lower price. While it falls ...

The Linksys LRT224 Dual WAN Business Gigabit VPN Router is the big brother to the LRT214 with the the same features and the added bonus ...

The list of dual-wan VPN routers is not long, and the Linksys LRT224 Dual Wan Gigabit VPN router is not the cheapest. Read this Linksys ...

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