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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

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Top negative review (5 votes)

a year ago

I purchased this Arc Touch Surface edition as a replacement to my standard Arc Touch mouse. I've used the wifi version for years with tremendous success; it was hands down my favorite mouse for bus...
Top positive review (107 votes)

4 years ago

I have the Surface Pro and really enjoy it -- one of the problems, however, is that because of the high PPI (1080p on a 10" screen), some programs have really small icons! For those, I wanted to pi...

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Microsoft's new Arc Touch Mouse features a travel-friendly design and some clever technical additions to its touch-sensitive scroll tab. Neither ...

We tested mice on a variety of surfaces, and the Logitech Marathon Mouse The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition isn't a full touch ...

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition is a good accessory for Surface tablets, and works just as well with other Bluetooth-compatible ...

Microsoft Arc Touch; Wireless Laser Arc Touch Mouse Pros. Bluetrack works on almost any surface; Compact design Bluetrack; Wireless; Folding design; Manufacturer: Microsoft; Review Price: free/subscription New In Box Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition Wireless BlueTrack Mouse 0 bids.

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