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Monoprice 11795 Deluxe Backlit Keyboard

Monoprice 11795 Deluxe Backlit Keyboard

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Top positive review (11 votes)

a year ago

Solid, yet lightweight, lighting is perfect! (See pics) The key sides are nicely illuminated as well as the letters! Includes number keypad. At first glance, I thought the keys were wider spaced th...
Top negative review (5 votes)

6 months ago

Keyboard has two "N"s and no "<". The second "N" is actually the "M" and the "M" is actually the "<".

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This model uses an edge-lit backlight that isn't as great as the Vizio set's full array, but it is better than the rest of the competition and capable of producing bright ...

40% off TurboTax Deluxe 2016 Tax Software Federal & State - Deal Alert Its width is defined by the width of the keyboard, bringing to mind the old 12-inch The Apple logo on the device is also no longer backlit by a cutout that As I write this, Monoprice has announced a whole bunch of USB-C cables, ...

Stand-alone keyboard; Keyboard case; iPad stylus; Game controller Nüüd for the iPhone 6 Plus because one of our review units of the latter leaked in testing. iPhone 5, 6, and 7, and Twelve South's HiRise 2 Deluxe for iPhone & iPad (also available in You lose the Qode's backlit keyboard, multiple prop-up angles, ...

CD containing a user manual and the Philips SmartControl utility, which allows you to manipulate settings using your mouse and keyboard.

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