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Top positive review (33 votes)

7 months ago

Adding an update to help, I have a shield tablet K1 and it connects fine. You have to go to settings - Bluetooth on Android and connect. Make sure the controller is in pairing mode (hold down the N...
Top negative review (One person found this helpful votes)

6 months ago

Feels and looks great, but still waiting on an update so I can use it to its full potential.Update: Since the update my controller still won't sync properly.

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The Nvidia Shield Android TV box tries to straddle two galloping horses Basically a game controller with a touchscreen screen grafted on top, ...

Nvidia Shield review: The best 4K, HDR-ready streaming box around. Page 1: Design, Controller, Software and. For many, Android TV boxes are a hard sell, as pretty much every new TV has its own suite of streaming ...

Nvidia sent along a Shield controller, though, which is a weird-looking, (Episode Two is available only for the Shield Android TV.) ...

Nvidia Shield is much improved, but it's the additions to Android TV that Controller isn't console-quality; GeForce Now is still hit-or-miss; A bit ...

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