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Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Gaming Projector, White, 15.80in. x 11.20in. x 6.10in.

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Gaming Projector, White, 15.80in. x 11.20in. x 6.10in.

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Top positive review (235 votes)

2 years ago

We love this projector! That is all you really NEED to know. The rest is just details.It has a great picture! First off, I am projecting about 5-6' from the wall. I painted the wall a low-sheen ...
Top negative review (5 votes)

a year ago

I purchased this projector in March of 2016 to be ceiling mounted in my disabled son's play area. The idea was to keep all speakers/projector ceiling mounted, and the AV equipment in a closet, to m...

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The BenQ HT2050 is the best $1,000 projector for anyone who wants a If you can't deal with DLP rainbows, the Epson 2040 is your best bet for an LCD projector. As far as 3D goes, the HT2050 is a bit of a mixed bag. The Optoma HD141X was one of the first 1080p projectors to hit the $600 range.

The Optoma GT1080 projector offers a short lag time, a bright image, 3D support for HDMI connections, and 1080p resolution to match the resolution of the But today's gaming consoles have moved to 1080p. I tested it with 144Hz DLP-Link glasses, and Optoma says it will also work with Vesa RF ...

Optoma GT1080 review: Will this gaming projector give you an edge? The GT1080 is a highly affordable single-chip DLP projector designed primarily for gaming. this 3D transmitter nor any 3D glasses are included with the projector. Optoma GT1080 Full HD Gaming Projector - 1080p - 2800 Lumens.

The GT1080 works best as a short-throw, 1080p gaming projector. Move it For. 1080p; 3D ready; 15ms response rate; Decent port selection ...

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