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Pico - Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Pico - Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

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Top positive review (69 votes)

10 months ago

I have been all-grain brewing for about 2 years. I also own two of PicoBrew's Zymatics, which are $2000 all-grain brewing systems that can do amazing and perfectly repeatable custom recipes.I got t...
Top negative review (10 votes)

7 months ago

I bought this in PicoBrew's Kickstarter campaign, and I would warn prospective buyers to be VERY wary if you are not already comfortable with homebrewing. I have made four beers on mine since Septe...

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As Adam Watson, co-founder of Against the Grain brewery in A key thing to understand about the PicoBrew Zymatic: it's not an instant beer machine. but for anyone with dreams of craft beer flowing from the Zymatic like ...

PicoBrew Zymatic review: Making great craft beer in a a countertop appliance that simplifies beer brewing much like a bread machine ...

The $800 Pico fails to make brewing easier for beginners, and makes machine isn't foolproof -- you can still easily contaminate your beer.

Pico Craft Beer Brewing Appliance is a home brewing appliance that allows you to brew different beers from all over the world. Ideaing provides aggregated ...

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