PlayStation TV DualShock 3 Bundle

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PlayStation TV DualShock 3 Bundle


Media:: Video Game Release date: October 14, 2014

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Top negative review (8 votes)

Curious Dude

2 years ago


Admittedly I was extremely hopeful for this product before I placed my order, and to be honest the PlayStation TV is simply an OK product that just quite isn't there yet. The PlayStation TV is very compact and extremely portable, and this bundle comes with everything needed to operate the device itself including an 8 GB memory card. After the initial setup process is over and done with, you'll be greeted with a home screen exactly like that of the PS Vita's. The PlayStation TV has good support for its applications, and can actually allow the user to watch YouTube videos on the big screen if you were to go to the YouTube website via the PlayStation TV's web browser. Aside from the applications, the PlayStation TV supports a lot of PS Vita games in its game catalog, but it DOES NOT support all PS Vita games. But the PlayStation TV DOES support all the featured PSP games on the PlayStation store, and also allows you to play them on the big screen. Personally for me I was a bit let down with the limited support for the PS Vita game titles, mainly due to the fact that only about two or three of my frequently played PS Vita games are fully compatible with the PlayStation TV.Another important thing that I took note of, since it was also a major selling point for the PlayStation TV, is the remote play feature. Unfortunately the remote play feature for the PlayStation 4, when using the PlayStation TV, is a bit of a let down. To obtain the best possible connection with the PlayStation TV, to use the remote play feature with the PlayStation 4, you will need to have a hard wired connection for both your PlayStation TV and PlayStation 4. I took the necessary steps, and initially the remote play feature between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation TV was pretty seamless when navigating through the PlayStation 4's menu. But once I actually tried to play a game I noticed that there was a slight delay between the commands that I would input, and the time it took for my commands to actually register on screen. I also noticed that trying to aim precisely was also extremely more difficult, when playing my first person shooter game of preference, mostly due to the fact that I would always over shoot my target.I think the remote play feature for the PlayStation TV would best suit games that don't really require a lot of precise movements or actions. In conclusion the PlayStation TV offers a bit of versatility in its capabilities, but the only practical purpose that I could really find for it consisted of watching YouTube videos on my television screen. If the PlayStation TV offered more support for the PS Vita's games, and if the remote play feature performed more smoothly, then the PlayStation TV would be a much more outstanding product.

Top positive review (4 votes)

Amazon Customer

10 months ago


When it didn't show up on the correct day, I panicked a bit. I had chosen a Sunday delivery, and wasn't actually expecting it to show up on time, but it didn't come the day after, so I had to ask for help. [Which, I do not regret doing, since the person helping me on here was very professional and swift.] And I found out that they didn't send it on time, because of the holiday season. This is where my review will get a little unusual. You see, there are people. Real, human beings who send this stuff out to us, and they, just like you an me, prepare for any holidays they deem important. And finding this out didn't just help me feel assured; it helped me realize the person sending it was a human being who has thoughts and needs, too. And that is an important thing to remember, especially with the holiday season coming up.I opened this bad boy up when it arrived, and I have to admit; I was a little surprised it came a long with an 8GB memory card! The previous owner was still logged in, since I believe I ordered an used console. So you may need to go in your settings and format the console, so as to remove the account previously connected with the console itself. BUT. That aside, it works smashingly! I was impressed with some of the features, such as its internet capabilities. While it can't play EVERY Vita game, the variety is EXCELLENT if you don't have the PS3/4 counterparts. Especially if you are like my family, who always insists that Nintendo is the best console. [Not hating, just don't understand why people insist something is the best if they haven't tried anything else. Which was why I bought this thing for them for Christmas; so they can get a feel for Sony and it's fine products.]The console itself is small, and can fit anywhere. ANYWHERE. You can sit it on an empty [and DRY] paper cup with a lid, and it'll sit there....Not that you would. I mean. Who would do that? Not me... *Nervous laugh*Ahem. Anyways. AS for the cords; my bundle did not have an HDMI cord, but I was informed by the seller in the description stuff would be missing. [Also, I had a HDMI cord sitting around, that serves no function, so I didn't really need one of them.] It came with, however, two USB cords, one of them tiny and cute, for a Leap Frog...? Leap Year...? Some kind of hopping something... BUT. That tiny USB cord charges the remote EXTREMELY well.The remote that accompanied the console was working perfectly! I was nervous that it would be sticky, or buttons would be jammed, because that sort of thing happens often with remotes being shipped around. BUT. The seller packaged everything so well, that it worked perfectly, with mo problem.Speaking of the packing; NICE! I mean, it wasn't super duper fancy, but. Opening it and having a hard enough time that I knew the item was safe, but not so hard it was impossible to open at all by hand was reassuring. Whoever packed it, actually cared what condition their item arrived in. And I appreciate it.So, if you guys are unsure about used consoles here, my only advice is:-Remember sellers are often human, too.-Have any cords prepared at home, just in case one of them doesn't show up.-PAY ATTENTION to the time of year, and the description for EACH SELLER'S ITEM.All in all, I was overly pleased with this experience, other than the normal worrying one does when dealing with the situations I mentioned, and I think I will watch this seller for anything else I might want. They had a VERY great price for this bundle!Thank you for reading!

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