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POWER A MOGA Pro Power - Electronic Games, Black

POWER A MOGA Pro Power - Electronic Games, Black

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Top positive review (197 votes)

2 years ago

Recently I bought a Samsung Gear VR for my Galaxy S6 Edge+ and I wanted a gamepad since VR contents are limited and some of the good games won't run without a compatible controller. The official Oc...
Top negative review (3 votes)

8 months ago

This controller is a bit small. I have larger hands and mostly play at home, not on the go, so the small size isn't much of a benefit. With such a small controller, the sticks are short and stubby,...

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The Moga Ace Power successfully turns an iOS 7-equipped iPhone Turn your iPhone into a gaming handheld Apple iPad Pro (9.7-inch) ...

YT: 6:35

96k views | 3 years ago | Android Authority

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In HID mode, with the power switch set to B and the orange light on, the The classic arcade gaming potential for the Moga Pro and your ...

Moga Hero, Pro Power Controllers Charge Up Android Gaming territory, which is 588 g (we discussed this issue in our Shield review).

The MOGA Rebel's the best iOS gamepad out today—but it comes with some caveats. Power device and incorporated that knowledge into the new Rebel. ...

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