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Remote Plus, Mario - Nintendo Wii

Remote Plus, Mario - Nintendo Wii

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Top positive review (31 votes)

3 years ago

If you have a bunch of old Wii remotes from your original Wii and some money to spare, you won't be disappointed by throwing it towards getting these new themed ones (Mario, Luigi, Princess). They ...
Top negative review (26 votes)

9 months ago

I received a regular Wii remote and not the Wii Motion plus remote.

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Nintendo has finally released a remote with Wii Motion Plus tech built 1:1 mapping to Nintendo's motion controller via a $20 white dongle that ...

YT: 2:44

141m views | 6 years ago | Lord Karnage

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The Wii Remote Plus is physically identical to the original Wii Remote, but it includes Wii MotionPlus technology without the need for any ...

The bare-bones Wii Mini gets rid of many Wii features to just focus on playing and decidedly more NES-like than the glossy white or black (or red) Wii. It is, sort of: Mario Kart, that Wii Remote Plus, and the nunchuck cost ...

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