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Roku Express

Roku Express

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Top positive review (357 votes)

10 months ago

I ended up buying this from a big box store since it's still not in stock for Amazon.At first I felt that it was a bit slow, but much faster that the older Roku Streaming Stick it was replacing. I ...
Top negative review (6 votes)

9 months ago

worked well for a month or so, then Netflix stopped working. seems to be a common issue with these (a search will easily confirm this). works fine for other streaming services I use (HBO, amazon,...

reviews and videos from Google

The Express delivers everything good about Roku for a rock-bottom price, but it's worth spending a bit extra on a faster streamer.

The Express is Roku's least expensive media streamer yet, though its low price comes at the cost of performance. But for $30, it's pretty ...

Aside from Its $30 price tag, the Roku Express feels like a streaming box from a bygone era. It's reminiscent of a time when we didn't demand ...

Be the first to review! The Good The Roku Express+ has an analog audio/video output, allowing it to connect to roku-express-plus-02.jpg.

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