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SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass

SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass

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Top negative review (43 votes)

2 years ago

The lens and its metal band keep falling out of its clamp rendering the entire reason I bought this moot.The clamp has two metal strips crudely fashioned with pressed on threads for what should for...
Top positive review (98 votes)

4 years ago

Some reviewers of the SE MZ101B Helping Hands with Magnifying Glass have stated that the item was not assembled, and parts were rattling around the box, with the possibility of the magnifier gettin...

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SE MZ101B Helping Hand Magnifier is certainly which and will also be an 4 way swivels; Built-in magnifying glass (4X) aids in minute detail work; Heavy duty base for stability. [ SEE More Price & Read Customer Reviews ] ...

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Both sides of the case can be removed easily with hand screws that have anti scratch fabric washers. To remove the tempered glass swinging ...

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