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SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer, White|Orange, Small

SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer, White|Orange, Small

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Top positive review (17 votes)

2 years ago

I've had this for about one golfing season. I shoot in the mid to upper eighties.***How does it work?***The device attaches to your club, just underneath the grip. It is small and lightweight, and ...
Top negative review (6 votes)

7 months ago

It does provide some good data. There are limitations with these type of devices, some assumptions about target line have to be made. But that does not diminish the value of the data, just know t...

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YT: 6:29

595 views | 7 months ago | Dan Crews

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3k views | 2 years ago | tgw - The sweetest spot in golf

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