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Sky Viper v2400HD Streaming Video Drone

Sky Viper v2400HD Streaming Video Drone

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9 months ago

Got this at a Target sale for $89.99. This is my first outdoor rated RC flier, all of my other fliers have been small indoor helo's.Setup: It is in the box pretty much ready to go. We snapped on th...
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5 months ago

Ok for beginner

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YT: 13:04

57k views | 9 months ago | Thomas James

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The Sky Viper Camera Drone is a $79.99 quadcopter with a VGA camera If you're looking for a non-video-game tech purchase as a gift or for ...

The Sky Viper v950 is a cheap, simple-to-fly drone that takes decent video A high-end video drone like the DJI Phantom 4 can cost you more than $1,000. rather have HD video or the ability to live stream to a cellphone.

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