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Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j)

Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j)

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9 months ago

Good network drive.The apps are nice.The preconfigured folders make it difficult to transfer files from an old network drive to this newer model.Worst part is this only comes with a "license" to re...

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The budget-minded Synology Disk Station DS214se is an excellent choice The dual-bay Disk Station DS214se NAS server has more to offer ...

The speedy and powerful QNAP Turbo NAS TS-251 is our pick for those looking to add Synology DiskStation DS216+II (without disks).

The Synology DiskStation DS216j is a speedy and easy-to-use dual-drive consumer NAS that boasts easy remote access, a large selection of ...

REVIEW: At $169, Synology's dual-bay DiskStation DS216j is a good-value entry-level NAS with surprising power. Just one thing keeps it from ...

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