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Under Armour UA Band One Size Fits All Black, Black/Red

Under Armour UA Band One Size Fits All Black, Black/Red

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Top negative review (72 votes)

a year ago

Pros- The best thing about this band is its wearability. The underside is curved, so sweat doesn't collect and give that soggy band-aid skin I would get under the Fitbit. There are no sharp edges a...
Top positive review (4 votes)

5 months ago

I have smaller wrists, so I had to use the smaller size that they provided me with. This thing is very accurate with the heart rate. I have atrial fibrillation and have to monitor quite a bit. I te...

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With the $149.99 Armour39 system, Under Armour branches out from its See full gallery To my surprise, though, the strap fit snugly around my torso and easily Yellow curvy lines flank the front of the black stretchable strap bracket, The bug itself is about the size of a 50-cent piece and sports an ...

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The Under Armour Band is the HTC Grip reborn. The US That's huge. Sleep tracking compared: UA Band (left) and Jawbone UP2 (right).

Move over, Microsoft. HTC and Under Armour take a stab at running with the 'Band' name.

We take a look at a fitness band from HTC and Under Armour, a company known for its sports accessories and clothing, in our UA Band review.

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