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Walk It Out - Nintendo Wii

Walk It Out - Nintendo Wii

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Top negative review (2 votes)

5 years ago

I picked up this game about a year or two ago and was extremely frustrated. The steps would register in the top left corner of the screen, but the character would just randomly stop walking and a t...
Top positive review (623 votes)

8 years ago

I have always enjoyed DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) but wanted to find something lower impact. I tried "Outdoor Challenge" and "Wii Active" but as great as they are, they weren't right for me. I wan...

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Read Common Sense Media's Walk It Out review, age rating, and Platform: Nintendo Wii; Price: $29.99; Genre: Exergaming; Release Year: ...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Wii U Review When walking through futuristic Detroit, for example, the disparity between the Later I added a Typhoon upgrade that launches out explosives from Jensen's body the obvious bias against Nintendo and especially the Wii U that exists at IGN.

Year Walk is one of the creepiest, most atmospheric games to ever hit logically figure out how to marry my knowledge with the mechanism.

Read Common Sense Media's NFL Training Camp review, age rating, and parents guide. Platform: Nintendo Wii; Price: $99.99; Genre: Exergaming; Release Year: 2010. NFL Training Camp Game: Walk It Out. Walking ...

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