Zippo 12 oz. Lighter Fluid, Black
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Zippo 12 oz. Lighter Fluid, Black

Color: Black Item model number: 12FC Material Type: Other Package Height: 1.5 x 2.99 x 6.22 inches Size: 12 oz.
Size: 12 oz.

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Zippo 12 oz. Lighter Fluid


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8 years ago


It's a can of lighter fluid. It's flammable. There's 4oz of it. Do you want 4oz of flammable lighter fluid? Then this is the product for you.

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5 years ago


I did a review for the Zippo hand warmers, and talked about fuel for them - this being one. I compared this "premium" fuel to Ronsonol lighter fluid and regular naphtha found in hardware and paint ...

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