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Zowie Gear Large Gaming Mouse Pad (G-SR)

Zowie Gear Large Gaming Mouse Pad (G-SR)

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Top positive review (6 votes)

2 years ago

I thought the QCK Heavy was the best I could buy. Geeze, Was I wrong. The GS-R is a tad wider than the QCK heavy. But WOW it's smooth and it's well worth the 10 extra bucks. I just hope the durabil...
Top negative review (2 votes)

2 years ago

This thing is huge, but it has now been MULTIPLE TIMES where the stitching on the top has come undone. For $40, you shouldn't put your money into a mouse pad that isn't going to be durable.

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ZOWIE G-SR So I now had the chance to use the Zowie G-SR for 1-2 months now and feel it's time to give it a proper review. Proper in the ...

Razer built a better mousepad--for Razer faithful, anyway, with pretty lights Hardcore Hardware: Asus' new Four Dot One PC gives you 4K gaming in your pocket By and large, the mousepad is an irrelevant affectation. But honestly my Zowie AM mouse also glides across Zowie's $30 G-TF mousepad, ...

BenQ XL2730Z 144Hz Gaming Monitor · Samsung 850 Zowie Gear Large Gaming Mouse Pad (G-SR) · ZOWIE Write a Review. Member Reviews. Bo_Punk_2.0. An eSports skeptic and some "gaming" glasses. Oh dear!

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